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Including Absent Employees in our Police OrganizationsIncluding Absent Employees in our Police Organizations
Including Absent Employees in our Police Organizations

Many police organizations have been experiencing an increase in employees on extended leaves. An extended leave may include sick leave, Workplace Safety & Insurance leaves, parental-type leaves, and other leaves of absence. Regardless of the type of leave, let’s not forget that these are still employees of our organizations, and they should be shown respect as such.

Dec 8, 2022 HQ's Comms Hub
Why HQ Hub?Why HQ Hub?
Why HQ Hub?

HQ Magazine has evolved with a new Digital edition. Robust and Responsive the AnswerApps edition is user friendly, easy to read, and easy to share.

Nov 18, 2022 HQ's Comms Hub
ISN MaskwaISN Maskwa
ISN Maskwa

A new resource has been added to the emergency operations capacity in Ontario specifically to assist Indigenous leadership in leading their own response for their communities in the event of an emergency situation.

Nov 16, 2022 HQ's Comms Hub
The OACP at 70The OACP at 70
The OACP at 70

The Founders, the Builders, the Innovators and the Leaders

Aug 8, 2022 HQ Summer 2022