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Leading in a Post-COVID WorldLeading in a Post-COVID World
Leading in a Post-COVID World

Law enforcement professionals play a unique role in our society. Our police members are obviously counted on to ensure the safety and well-being of anyone who makes ontario their home or visits our province for business or pleasure. But to accomplish this, we need police professionals who are able to discern social or other underlying challenges in our communities and adapt the delivery of policing services to meet the community’s safety expectations.

Jul 27, 2023 HQ Summer 2023
The Economics of PolicingThe Economics of Policing
The Economics of Policing

Adding social impacts

Jul 27, 2023 HQ Summer 2023
Lessons on the Value of CharacterLessons on the Value of Character
Lessons on the Value of Character

Shared from John Wooden to Ted Lasso

Jul 27, 2023 HQ Summer 2023
Collective LeadershipCollective Leadership
Collective Leadership

Public order hubs provide a collaborative response to multijurisdictional demonstrations

Jul 27, 2023 HQ Summer 2023
From Buzzwords to Action:From Buzzwords to Action:
From Buzzwords to Action:

Building inclusive organizations through comprehensive leadership & individual actions

Jul 27, 2023 HQ's Comms Hub
The Evolution of the CSSThe Evolution of the CSS
The Evolution of the CSS

As many great ventures originate from a decision to create positive change, the same can be said about the genesis of the ontario association of chiefs of police’s (oacp) pre-certification process. On january 1, 2020, the new oacp constable selection system (css) was introduced by the oacp for police applicant testing in the province of ontario. This change in oacp css pre-employment testing was undertaken at the discretion of police leaders to ensure consistent hiring practi

Jul 27, 2023 HQ's Comms Hub