HQ Magazine has evolved with a new Digital editionRobust and Responsive the AnswerApps edition is user friendly, easy to read, and easy to share.

Hello, we'd like to introduce you to the HQ AnswerApps Digital Magazine. HQ magazine is published by the OACP and has served the policing community and its leadership as a resource for longform journalism - featuring content that is pertinent to the success of police forces across Ontario.

HQ's digital edition is now a mobile responsive version created by AnswerApps. HQ magazine is following the trend and the user shift to mobile;  embraced by the team at OACP with recognition that this provides better access to content, makes it easier to share, and enjoy - a better solution for readers and a better solution for stakeholders,
that's what the AnswerApps system provides.

Here is the link - oacp.fthinker.ca